Dear Sirs

On behalf of the Asociación Amigos de la Música de Marbella and on my own behalf, it is a joy to be able to start our musical season.

We have lived more than a year and a half of bewilderment, in a world that stopped us and from which we are learning to live a so-called normalcy with new rules of coexistence and health.

For my Association to start again, after having to forcefully suspend the season, it is a task in which I want to do it from the care and respect for the circumstances, but also from the joy and nostalgia of seeing my concerts again full of music and partners, in an endearing room and place such as our emblematic Hotel Meliá Don Pepe.


It is a joint path, in which little by little we are going to resume, raising our first thoughts to the loved ones who have left us behind in this time, and that the first musical notes raise with their souls.

We have missed them a lot, but we are here, in a new beginning, where we have adapted the room based on prevention by Covid-19 regulations. As well as we ask that we all be aware in this respect, attending our concerts with the corresponding vaccination and with our masks and appropriate distances.