The friends of the music have completed the 2016 - 2017 season their forty-seventh anniversary. A long way for a philarmonic association (Pioneer not only in Marbella buton the whole coast of the sun) with non - profit, only  with sporadic support, has managed to survive four decades since its beginning on October 23th, 1970 when we offered our first concert.

Founded by a Spanish D. Fernando Sánchez and two excellents honorary presidents, Arthur Rubinstein and Plácido Domingo till actually.

With the help of Daniel Barenboim, Nicanor Zabaleta, the Cantonese children of Vienna Moura Lympany, Joaquin Achucarro, Alicia de la Rocha ... amongot hers and young talents like Edurne Ubani or Javier Perlanes. To the delight of our partners and visitors.

We hope that friends of music can celebrate another forty years, with con certs and collaborations, and continue witht hesmall contribution, withan illusion and a cultural project forour partners and Marbella city.

Thank you all for support ingus.